Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Freedom Dance Studio Kpop Dance Cover Competition

at 17/10/2015 Woncrown was  participate for Kpop Cover Dance Competition that had been organised by Freedom Dance Studio... we got until Preliminary round but it's ok.. we had fun... We met a lot of talented dance group... #freedomdancestudio #woncrown

Here we include our video.... Enjoy!!!!



Finally WonCrown with full member with 5 members...
Let me introduce again Woncrown's member...

We have Ominnie x Leader...
We have Kak pyqa x Second Unnie...
We have Alexis x Middle member...
We have Shakey x Second Maknae...
We have Ejatt x Maknae


Kak Pyqa



And then The Woncrown were born...


Monday, November 2, 2015

New member!!!!

It's been a while not updating this blog...
So, today we would like to introduce our new member in WonCrown...

It's Kak Pyqa!!!! Wuhuuu!!!!!!

Funny, Cute kak Pyqa

She is our second older sister... She so cute... hahahaha...

Let me introduce a little bit about her...

Her full name is Norsyafiqah. She is 24 year old which mean she is 91- liner. She was born on 28 March.

Her favourite idols are EXO, BTS, GOT7 and Siti NurHaliza maybe? hahaaha..
She also have martial arts and she can do traditional dance....

She is so good in dancing EXO. She is so funny even when she is serious... hahahaaha anyway we love you, kak Pyqa and thanks for joining our group.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hurt Locker


do you guys know Nine Muses? Well today I would to share my experience collaboration with one of the member from T-AMO, Eisha covering one of the Nine Muses's song which is "Hurt Locker". Do you guys still remember my first post about Woncrown. We were covering one of Nine Muses's song which is "News". Now we're back with new song "Hurt Locker" ft. Eisha. This time only me and Ejatt covering this song. Thank you to Eisha unnie because she want to do collaboration with us. We really appreciate it. This is first time we are covering not in studio but in open places. It's quite challenging because the public watch us. Hahaha... first experience. It's ok. Now without further ado, let the video play.

Thank you for watching!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Magazine Launch With New Member

Today I would like to share about my experience performing for a Magazine launch with a new member named Alexis. Yahoo!!! hahaha... This also our comeback after the last time we do at UTAR(if you guys had read my previous blog, you guys know). Introducing member of Woncrown. hahahah just realise that I didn't introduce Woncrown's member. Excuse my manner.. :P Ok now, I will introduce to you guys member of Woncrown.

Our Leader a.k.a mom, Ominnie


Our second and new member, Alexis

Yup, this is me, Shakey!

Our maknae/youngest member *same age with me*, Ejatt!!

and together we are WONCROWN!!

So, without further a do.... This is our video during perform for launching a magazine!!!
Thank you for watching...
:) :)



What's up everyone? I know you guys curious what is 7OWNIQUE. Well let me explain. 7OWNIQUE is collaboration with 3 groups which is 7Degrees, Woncrown and Phoenique. We do this collaboration because we have been invited to perform at a hotel for "KOREAN PARENT'S DAY" event. We really honor to receive this invitation. To be honest, I feel so excited because my group got to collaborate with this 2 incredible group.

Check out their performance in this link

7Degrees: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2do6WmWtW5h1tydPXeK9YQ

Phoenique: https://www.youtube.com/user/kimyuwoon/videos

They are awesome...

Now it's time for us to shine... hahahahha Kidding..
This are our video during the performance.

                                                             This is part 1

                                                              This is Part 2

There's a bonus video... We become a dancer for this singer, DIOR. We dance "Oppa Gangnam Style".

                                                             Oppa Gangnam Style~~~

Credit to:Dior 디오

This is pic us with the singer, Dior.

After Performance.... WEFIE time!!!

Try to take picture like an artist.. hahahaha

That's all for today... Thank you for watching.. :) :)

First Competition

On 13 January 2014, my group have joined a competition at UTAR. It is my first competition that I has join. I'm so excited joining that competition. I meet other dancers such like Erianthe, Donna, Variances and others. Even we didn't win but we had experience and fun time. Here are my memory with them..

       This is during our turn to perform. *still nervous*

                                               Most fun time, meet with other dancers. #happyday

                                               With first runner of this competition, 7DEGREES!

Unfortunately, this is the last time Eiza with Woncrown. However, it is very fun working with her.
This is our competition video. I hope, in other competition we can do better than this.